friday Small groups

To Sign up for a group, click the link below and fill out the information. On the bottom of the form, you will choose your small group.


S.W.A.T. -

Emily Conway

(Wake guys and girls) - No childcare

7:00pm - 10:00pm, Eubank and Comanche

This is a group for young adults to do life together from game nights to hiking and camping trips. If you are looking for a place to get connected this is the group!


Street Ministry -

Jennifer and Jason Lohmann

(Men's and women's) - No childcare

5:30pm - 9:30pm, Copper Pointe Church

We meet every other Friday at 5:30pm at the Copper Pointe Church to start with to prep items to hand out on Central. Then around 6:30pm we head out to Central and hand out hygiene bags and food items to people on Central. Depending on how fast we hand out items will depend how long we are out for that night. You will be responsible for your own meal when we meet for the debrief. Also you must go through training before you can go out on the streets. No Childcare provided.


Health and Wholness Nutrition Group -

Georgina Fourzan

(Men's and women's freedom) - Childcare included

7:00pm - 9:00pm (Dinner at 6:16), Copper Pointe Church

In this 4 week small group course you will learn how to use food as nourishment and healing for your body. Why sugar is addicting? How to change your eating patterns and your thinking regarding food. Share with others in a safe environment your struggles and victories with food. Find out what God says about nourishment of the body and our spirit. Invest in your health and well-being.


What on Earth am I Here For? (April 6th) -

Janet Gamache

(Men and Women freedom) - Childcare provided

7:00pm - 9:00pm, Copper Pointe Church

The most basic question everyone faces in life is Why am I here?  What is my purpose? 
Self-help books suggest that people should look within, at their own desires and dreams, but Rick Warren says the starting place must be with God and his eternal purposes for each life.


Invisible War on Temptation -

Tarrae Levine

(Men and women's freedom) - Childcare included

7pm-9pm (Dinner at 6:15pm), Copper Pointe Church

Everyone is vulnerable to temptation but few know how to fight it.
Each day we wake to a spiritual war that rages within us. In order to effectively fight this war, we have to be equipped with a knowledge of the tactics Satan uses to ensnare us. Do not let yourself be exposed. Learn the powerful defenses and comforts that God promises.