Beyond Alpha Leader Setup

Hi and welcome!

We’re so excited to have you this semester! Whether this is your first time leading a group or your 10th, we're here to make sure you have everything you need for a fun and successful group. There's a few basic tools you'll need and they're outlined below.

  1. CCB – Church Community Builder: If you've never accessed CCB, you'll need to register your account following the steps and link below. CCB is where all member information is stored and in turn, will help you use the Lead App discussed in the next step.

    • After clicking the link, click on “Create account”

    • Fill in the required fields and press “submit”

    • If you do have an account, CCB will send you a login activation (or it'll prompt you if your account is already active and you can try to login on the previous screen); If you don't have an account, CCB will send a request to an admin to set you up.

  2. Lead App: Available for free download in the App store or Play store, Lead App is your smartphone tool to manage your small group. You can email & text members, add and remove members, and record attendance. Lead App connects to CCB, so if you're at your computer, you can use CCB in lieu of Lead App when it's more convenient. (You will not be able to sign in to Lead App until you have access to your CCB account and once an admin has created your small group - you can wait until meeting with your Hub leader to give it a try)

  3. Training Videos: These information packed videos cover 3 things all start up groups must do, as well as navigating your way through CCB and Lead App. Please view each one and there's a short questionnaire below them that needs to be completed.

3 Things all Startup Groups Must Do

3 Things all Startup Groups Must Do

Using Lead App to Manage Your Small Group

Using Lead App to Manage Your Small Group

  • You may need to accept the invitation to Right Now Media in order to watch the videos.

Your hub leader will also be reaching out to set up an in-person meeting and go over some quick training. It's beneficial that you finish items 1-3 above before you meet.